Better Immersion

This App is part of the Better Immersion program. Designed for Immersion Schools (80/20, 50/50), Better Immersion is a rigorous Chinese curriculum that aligns with Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for English Language Arts adapted for Chinese immersion settings. It provides comprehensive lesson plans and instructional strategies for building a sustainable program. Incorporating various history, science, social studies subject areas to teach the language through content subjects, Better Immersion has 9 levels, aiming to achieve intermediate-high proficiency prior to high school.The App allows the students to practice speaking fluency and accuracy, listening comprehension, writing characters, and composing paragraphs. It also builds longitudinal learning records that include text, audio, and video. The subscriptions for teachers and students are different. The teacher will get access to all teaching resources, community connection letters, as well as English translation for the readers. We are adding reporting and other administrative abilities for teachers.Contact us to learn how this pioneering program can help you sustain, grow, and expand your Chinese immersion programs.

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