Arctic Security Early Warning Service

Arctic Security offers a commercial service that provides information on compromised and vulnerable services in your network, based on data available on the internet. EWS is an affordable service for organizations of all sizes to detect and fix security problems quickly.

Democratizing access to this information resource is beneficial for companies. EWS has been shown to reduce the time-to-discovery for compromised systems and vulnerable services. The notifications have warned about significant future security compromises before they occurred. In this way you can fix vulnerabilities quickly before they become a problem and allowing you to get ahead of the hacker. EWS uses high-quality data sources, which in a six-month study with a consortium of colleges the false positive rate was less than 2 percent.

Arctic Security, a Finnish cybersecurity company focused on helping national cybersecurity authorities by providing an incident notification platform and GG4Lannounced a partnership program offering all of GG4L’s members access to Arctic Security’s services for improving their overall cybersecurity.

GG4L’s members can use Arctic Security’s asset discovery services for free for an overview of their security posture. They can also access the Arctic EWS commercial service at preferential pricing designed to be accessible for K-12 and higher education.

If you are a school/district IT leader or school administrator, click learn more to set up a meeting with an Arctic Security specialist.

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Arctic Security detects daily compromised machines in more than 80,000 organizations. Arctic Security’s mission is to help as many organizations as possible with their Early Warning Service.

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