Focused on improving outcomes for special education students

AmplioSpeech’s digital special education platform empowers educators and administrators to deliver individualized interventions and address learning loss for exceptional students.
AmplioSpeech offers an outcomes-driven, intuitive digital platform that engages students, and partners with special education professionals to deliver differentiated interventions, whether on-site or online. Initially serving students in the areas of speech-language and dyslexia, the platform assesses students’ responses to measure reading accuracy and fluency, comprehension, word segmentation, spelling skills, speech intelligibility, syntax and more, and then provides the student with visual and audio cues to support the lesson.

Special education professionals can devote more time to helping students, as the AmplioSpeech platform offloads bureaucratic tasks like scheduling and compliance reporting. Session notes on student progress and performance are automatically saved in the student’s profile, available to the special education administrator. Special education directors and local school districts gain a 360-degree view of their special education operations, ensuring that programs run smoothly and required services are delivered. They can drill into different dashboards that show progress reports, productivity, resource allocation, school compliance, treatment times per student and other metrics.

  • AI-powered games to reinforce the intervention or instructional lessons
  • Auto-assessments and responses that function as an extension of the special education professional, providing visual and audio cues to support the treatment
  • A large library of interactive, multisensory activities for groups of students or individual treatments
  • Secure, online sessions
  • Auto-generated reports based on session notes
  • Streamlined scheduling and lesson planning
  • Consistent, auditable IEP compliance
  • Monitoring and oversight on compliance, progress, predictive costs and reimbursements