Amplify Fractions
  1. Amplify Fractions can be played on a variety of devices including:

  • Desktops and laptops (Windows 9+, Mac OS 10.11+)

    •  Suggested browsers: Chrome & Safari

  • Chromebooks (ideally touchscreen or with mice)

  • iPads that support iOS11.3+ (iPad5+) –

    • Suggested browser: Safari

  • Amazon Fire Tablet is not supported at this time

  1. Amplify Fractions is a highly engaging digital program that helps every student master fractions through personalized technology that makes sure they learn the skills they need the most.

  2. Yes, our delivery team will assign a unique account to each student and teacher. Upon confirmed interest, Amplify will set up a brief implementation call with the school or district to walk through the enrollment process.

This Catalyst catalog solution provides: