Aeries® SIS is a comprehensive solution that incorporates multiple technologies to meet the diverse and ever-changing needs of educators.The design and development of this robust, user-friendly system is rooted in over 40 years of experience in educational technology. Aeries is both flexible and scalable to meet and exceed the needs of both small and large districts, as well as private schools too!

Because of Aeries Software’s multi-decade focus on education solutions, Aeries is designed specificially to support K-12 environments. These include: elementary, middle, and high schools, alternative education, charter schools and private schools. Aeries enhancements respond quickly to the changing requirements established by law. All related modifications and updates to Aeries are included as a part of our client’s annual support maintenance.

We provide our users with a superior tool which allows complete and immediate access to student information: district, school, student, class, or grade. Aeries also gives teachers, administrators, parents, and students controlled access to student information via our web browser interface. Aeries can be implemented centrally, using a SQL database, or distributed to each site. This offers schools and districts a choice of utilizing an Aeries Web-Based and / or Local Client front-end. Aeries’ flexible implementation maximizes an IT staff’s effectiveness while minimizing maintenance time.

This Catalyst catalog solution provides: