Measuring and Managing Student Learning

Measuring and Managing Student Learning

Students are learning everywhere. And with more than 300 billion pages of information on the web, they have access to more information than any other generation. But how do educators – and students themselves – account for the knowledge they gain while online? How can we turn this access to information into a way to improve engagement, literacy, and interest in education?


You Can’t Impact What You Can’t Measure

Even if students are spending time online, how can you tell what they’re reading, what they’re learning about, and how it contributes to their overall education goals? Without a way to measure reading level, time engaged, and accomplishments; teachers are in the dark about how to help students improve. School Passport Engagement from GG4L can help.


What Is School Passport Engagement?

School Passport Engagement measures students’ learning on the web using patented technology. It accurately measures how much time they spend engaged and automatically scores and categorizes that time. Engagement data is secure, and only on when students are signed into a school-provided device or account.


Putting Power in the Hands of Educators

Teachers are busy. They need more time, not more work. Engagement makes it easy for teachers to look at where students are spending time online  – by individual or by class – and understand quickly how engaged they are, what reading level they are accessing, and where they have an opportunity to push a student to go deeper. Understanding this data can help teachers quickly know where they need to focus their efforts with each student. In addition, they have access to a huge library of open educational resources that saves time and effort, allowing educators to spend more time with meaningful instruction and engagement and less time trying to find appropriate reading and research material.


Better Decision-Making for Principals, Curriculum Developers, and Districts

Engagement gives school leaders better insight to evaluate the edtech they are investing in. Not only are you able to measure the level of student engagement but also assess and manage edtech resource usage. You also have the ability to encourage and reward independent learning, incentivizing students to take control of their education and learn about things that interest them, better prepare them for the future workforce, and better prepare them for college.


Capture All Learning

School Passport Engagement’s smart technology measures engaged reading and learning time online across the entire web. Engagement also calculates the reading level and subject area of every webpage, regardless of whether it is free open-sourced content or a paid application or program. Learn more.


GG4L - The Global Grid 4 Learning

School Passport is a data exchange platform that exchanges any data with any EdTech product, eliminates the need to share student PII and is easy to implement for schools and vendors.


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