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Manage Covid Testing and Reporting Securely with CrisisGo’s Safety iPass – Free for Schools through School Passport

Manage Covid Testing and Reporting Securely with CrisisGo’s Safety iPass – Free for Schools through School Passport

One of the biggest challenges school administrators face this year is how to manage health safety. There are many moving parts in tracking students. From managing vaccine status to contact tracing, every step must be done with student data privacy in mind.

CrisisGo Safety iPass – Sophisticated Health Protection for Schools

Appropriate for schools of any size, Safety iPass provides a comprehensive solution for every part of managing the ongoing Covid-19 endemic.  Some of the tools available include:

  • Testing Management
  • Symptom Screening
  • Vaccination Record Management
  • Close Contact Tracing
  • Quarantine Management
  • Entry Verification


Safety iPass conforms to CDC and all other COVID-19 protocols, helping schools comply with local COVID-19 guidelines and laws.


Safety iPass Features


Schedule Management

Administer your process using the app to schedule and manage on-demand tests.


Consent Management

Ensure HIPAA compliance by collecting consent from guardians digitally.


Result Management

Communicate with both labs and individuals through the app to quickly and securely learn and share results.


Data Dashboard

CrisisGo’s data dashboard provides nursing staff and school admins with quick access to the testing schedule, participants, and results.

Manage Covid and Compliance with Safety iPass

CrisisGo Safety iPass supports schools with powerful health management tools. With CrisisGo, schools remain in control. Since every school will have different strategies for vaccines, contact tracing, and quarantine, CrisisGo is customizable. CrisisGo Safety iPass provides a secure method for schools to manage COVID-19 safety challenges.

Dave Kavlick, VP of Sales at CrisisGo explains, “Safety iPass gives schools a tool that allows them to easily manage all things related to COVID-19. It eliminates the hundreds of personnel hours that it takes to collect data, manage quarantines, and conduct exposure tracing. Many schools are currently placing data into spreadsheets or Google Docs, manually. However, unlike Google Docs, Safety iPass is HIPAA and FERPA compliant – and it creates reports in seconds that can be shared with their local Health Department.”


Should My School Implement CrisisGo’s Safety iPass?

“Safety iPass, from CrisisGo integrates with your Student Information System as well as Active Directory.  This integration gives you real time visibility to all COVID-19 Cases, Vaccination and Testing records (if required), Quarantine Management and Exposure tracing. The key benefit is that this allows district leaders to make data driven decisions based on daily numbers by grade level, school or district,” explains Kavlick.

Depending on the needs of your school district, you can use Safety iPass to:

  • Manage school entry with badges assigned by vaccination, quarantine, and health status of students, staff, and visitors.
  • Automatically regulate attendance of public areas and school activities based on health status.
  • Manage daily certification and attendance data for accurate contact tracing.


Safety iPass Is Available Free to Schools through GG4L

GG4L is proud to partner with CrisisGo to bring schools a way to ensure privacy while still proactively managing health and safety. CrisisGo’s API technology integrates seamlessly with national laboratories and school labs so that results are synchronized and immediately available. And with School Passport, GG4L’s Integration Platform as a Service, and CrisisGo’s Safety iPass, school district leaders, teachers, and parents can be assured a private, online environment

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