The Global Grid for Learning

Global Scale. Local Impact.

A Global Grid for Learning Impact Initiative is a sponsor-funded, managed school improvement program that allows us to deploy education technology that addresses a specific problem and measure the effectiveness- the IMPACT – of technology in schools. The GG4L Impact Team creates initiatives in close consultation with sponsors and schools that help schools implement and manage technology-enabled school 3-year impact initiatives that reliably deliver data-driven and evidence-based improvements.

Each impact initiative is a 3-year pilot project within each participating school that allows us to implement a number of edtech solutions that address a specific problem and see what the results are. The purpose is to do it at a small scale and determine if the solution has succeeded and in what way so that decision-makers can decide if and how to expand the solution in their schools and the vendor can make adjustments to their platform or application as needed.

We follow this five-step plan in creating each of our impact initiatives:

  1. Select Research-Backed Theoretical Frameworks to Guide Each Impact Initiative
  2. Align EdTech Solution Categories With Each Impact Initiative Framework
  3. Identify Implementation Steps Required to Successfully Deploy Each of the EdTech Solutions
  4. Standardize Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) for Each Impact Initiative
  5. Collect, Analyze and Report Data from Selected Applying Schools to Generate Insightful Briefs

Supported by GG4L’s Connect, Compass and Catalyst platform components, GG4L Impact Initiatives help the GG4L Impact Team, Sponsors, Schools and Vendors collaborate to deliver successful, measured school improvement that is validated and documented through Value of Impact (VoI) evidence-based reporting to all stakeholders.