How CTE Programs Help Students Prepare for the Real World

How CTE Programs Help Students Prepare for the Real World

Career and Technical Education (CTE) is helping high school students graduate with better preparation for the future of work. As companies demand more technically proficient employees in every area of their businesses, learning those skills through a CTE program makes students more competitive in the workforce.

Why Are CTE Programs So Beneficial?

CTE programs move students beyond traditional education and into vocation. They deliver the skills students need to step right into the workforce out of high school, not only teaching the technology skills needed to meet the current tech skills gap, but also teaching the leadership skills, like critical thinking, teamwork, and problem solving, that they’ll need to take their place as future business leaders.

4 Benefits of CTE Programs

Students who participate in CTE programs experience a number of benefits.

  1. Students have higher graduation rates, particularly among marginalized students.
  2. CTE program graduates are more likely to be hired at a living wage directly out of high school, allowing them to earn money for college and stay out of student debt.
  3. Students leave high school with a marketable skillset, so for the many students for whom college is not a choice or a desire, they can still contribute effectively to the economy, support themselves, and build a career.
  4. Students learn more than just the tech skill – they learn the soft skills they need to navigate the workplace and become business leaders.

CTE Programs Provide Sophisticated Solutions to Today’s Workforce Demands

There’s a labor shortage and a skills gap. The two challenges together mean that many businesses are forced to go without the talent they need, or they’re forced to hire people who are not qualified to do the jobs. CTE programs not only give students the skills to navigate the future workforce but also:

  • Connect what students are learning to the needs in the labor force, contextualizing their learning in meaningful ways.
  • Create an opportunity for networking by working with local businesses to better understand the community’s needs for a technically proficient workforce.
  • Hands-on learning that is relevant to the actual work environment.

Certifications Give Students an Advantage in the Workforce

GG4L has partnered with Coursera, a leading online learning provider, to give high school students unique opportunities to gain leading industry credentials in high-demand technical skills, preparing them for entry-level IT jobs. The program provides:

  • Industry Recognized Credentials to prepare students to compete for and succeed at the jobs needed in today’s economy. The credentials offered through the Coursera Academies are endorsed by major IT Vendors and top universities, providing strong employer acceptance.
  • Student ability to complete credentials. Coursera credentials range in four levels from conversant to advanced, with content that can be utilized across a variety of existing student capability, ideal for entry level work. Over a dozen ready-to-deploy pathways are ready to be integrated into existing course programs or offered for self-study.

CTE programs with GG4L-Coursera offer students industry-recognized credentials for in demand IT positions. The GG4L – Coursera program prepares students to gain entry level positions in IT. The program supports CTE departments by:

  • Offering industry recognized credentials
  • Range of credential skill levels and courses appropriate for entry level students
  • Providing a range of certificates in many in-demand IT fields in a one stop shop

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