GG4L and Vonage Team-Up to Modernize EdTech Solutions

EdTech Solution Providers Can Leverage Vonage Video, Voice and SMS Communications APIs to Provide Safe In-App Engagement 


Alameda California – June 2, 2021 – Today, Global Grid for Learning (GG4L) , announced its strategic partnership with global business cloud communications leader Vonage to deliver a combined offering – the School Passport platform – to meet the needs of today’s EdTech solution providers. 

With GG4L’s iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) and Vonage Communications APIs, EdTech vendors can now offer integrated communications via video, social and SMS messaging, and voice in a private, online environment. GG4L’s School Passport platform offers EdTech solution providers with powerful, standards-based APIs to create a trusted solution which includes secure data integration, end-user provisioning, communications and 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) as a verification capabilities solution.

Vonage Communications APIs enable digital platforms to create superior customer experiences with flexible, intelligent and personal interactions made possible by advanced technology . By leveraging Vonage APIs, GG4L customers in the EdTech space can accelerate time-to-market  with a breadth of communication channels, award-winning developer documentation, and professional services expertise, as well as, always-on video encryption, and GDPR compliance.  

GG4L’s School Passport platform offers advanced school-centric data privacy features such as PII-Shield, enabling EdTech vendors to offer their online applications to schools without consuming or storing Personally Identifiable Information (PII) in their cloud-hosted databases. This improves overall student data privacy while creating a more secure cloud computing infrastructure for schools. Now, School Passport is leveraging Vonage’s 2FA for all system administration end-user access.  

The combined API-based solution empowers EdTech platforms to connect with users faster by focusing on the experience and unique value, without the need for onsite expertise to manage complex communications technologies and data management.  

As a result, schools can engage with their students, faculty, and parents in a safe and interactive environment using trusted video and voice communications embedded within the learning applications.

“This is a game-changer in terms of being able to modernize school-centric communications and engagement,” said Robert Iskander, CEO and Founder of GG4L. “With Vonage’s communications APIs, we can now offer a complete state-of-the-art digital safety and data privacy protection iPaaS that empowers EdTech vendors and schools to improve the communications within their products.”

“The events of the past year have shown us that, now more than ever, there is a real need for secure and privacy-compliant offerings for programmable capabilities like voice, video and messaging – particularly when it comes to providing the remote delivery of vital services like education,” said Sunny Rao, SVP Global API Sales for Vonage. “By partnering with GG4L, together we are able to service and support today’s EdTech providers and education institutions as they navigate a new world of virtual or hybrid environments to provide safe, secure and uninterrupted education experiences for all.”

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Founded in 2018, GG4L is a membership-based collaborative providing schools and EdTech vendors a foundation for digital transformation. GG4L’s School Passport® is an Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS), offering a suite of cloud integration services to 20,000+ schools, financially sustained by hundreds of EdTech vendors. With industry-leading PII Shield protection, GG4L advocates for open standards based data integrations, governed data exchange, and strict data privacy compliance. 

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