Free Training for School IT Employees

Free Training for School IT Employees

Are you a school district who needs data privacy experts in your IT department? Do you employ school IT leaders who would like the opportunity to advance their careers and improve their skills in the area of data security? For a limited time, GG4L is offering free training for school IT employees. Courses expire August 1.  Sign up for the free training using your school district email address here.


Schools Need Data Privacy Experts

The growing cyberthreat against schools has districts scrambling to adopt zero-trust data management policies and step up their efforts to protect student data privacy. Unfortunately, most schools still operate on shoestring budgets and their IT staff is stretched. They can’t simply hire more experts – but it is possible to provide the IT leaders they do have with additional skills and knowledge to prepare them to better protect the district.

States Are Mandating More Data Privacy for Schools

A number of states are considering student data privacy regulations for schools in their states that would require the school to have a designated data privacy officer. With a shortage of IT talent across the nation, finding enough new IT staff to meet every district’s needs would be virtually impossible, forcing many schools to be out of compliance with state mandates.

Everyone Plays a Role in Protecting Student Data

Even though the onus is on school IT employees to protect student data, everyone must play a larger role in zero-trust data management – including teachers, administrators, support staff, and third-party vendors. Each person working with or within the school is responsible for ensuring that student data is protected.

School IT Employees Can Now Take GG4L’s Self-Paced IT Training Program

GG4L is committed to student data privacy, which is why we’ve custom-designed a course focused on data exchange and interoperability training for IT leaders in K-12 school districts. In addition to receiving access to our course, IT professionals will get free online access to over 20 professional certificates from Coursera Career Academy, covering a wide range of topics including Cybersecurity, Data Analysis, and DevOps Engineering.

This opportunity is only available for a limited time and the courses will expire August 1. To qualify, you must currently be employed in an IT department of a school or district. Register now.

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