Back to School: Let GG4L Do the Heavy Lifting

Back to School: Let GG4L Do the Heavy Lifting

By the end of summer, any thoughts of vacation and rest will be set aside for anyone working in education. Teachers will be preparing to come back to the classroom. Administrators will be finishing up with hiring and planning. And school IT leaders will be trying to make sure everyone has what they need to launch the year – with the right edtech tools – which can mean many calls to edtech vendors for IT support.

Onboarding New EdTech Can Be a Challenge for School IT Leaders

Onboarding new edtech solutions at your school can be challenging and time-consuming. If the process isn’t smooth, it can slow you down. And if edtech solutions aren’t properly vetted, they can leave your school at risk.

GG4L Connects EdTech Vendors and Schools Securely and Safely

Not only does GG4L make it easy for schools to find the edtech solutions they need; but, we also make onboarding a snap. GG4L’s School Passport 2.0 allows edtech vendors to integrate their solutions with learning management systems and school data, ensuring that the school’s student data is protected. Instead of each individual edtech vendor attempting to obtain your roster data, we:

  • Include carefully vetted edtech vendor products into our Catalyst Catalog
  • Provide our vetted edtech vendors access to SIS roster data through standards-based API
  • Provide optional custom data exchange API services
  • Allow schools to select certain edtech solutions for a trial basis

GG4L Is Your School Connection

GG4L makes it easier and more efficient to select the solutions that help your school meet its education goals more securely. We provide schools with:

  • An Ever-Expanding Catalog of EdTech Applications and Tools
  • Corporate Sponsorships that Subsidize the Costs of EdTech Solutions
  • Promotional Offerings from EdTech Vendors
  • School Passport’s Single Sign-On and ID Management Solution with PII Shield
  • Actual Usage Statistics and Unique KPI’s to Measure Solution Effectiveness

Our team of experts make it easy for school admins, teachers, and IT leaders to quickly integrate educational technology into their classrooms.

Save Time, Reach More Schools With New Features

Global Grid for Learning works with more than 20,000 schools reaching more than nine million students. All schools are eligible for free membership, and as part of their membership, they gain access to GG4L’s iPaaS School Passport 2.0®, which allows the schools to securely share data with edtech vendors and connect to their edtech applications for free.  School Passport 2.0 has new features including the School AppStore and PII Shield. These new features have just been launched as part of the back to school product launch.

Take Advantage of Our Back to School Special Offers

With the launch of School Passport 2.0 this month, schools using GG4L will see “Special Offers” is a category of applications that support on-demand provisioning of new applications. These specials are for free products or for free trials, available to school districts through the App Gallery. Initially we have included a few Special Offers such as SchoolTube, Stackup and Codementum. Watch for more special offers to come.


GG4L - The Global Grid 4 Learning

School Passport is a data exchange platform that exchanges any data with any EdTech product, eliminates the need to share student PII and is easy to implement for schools and vendors.


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