EdTech Holiday Gift Giving Guide

EdTech Holiday Gift Giving Guide

There has been an increased focus on STEM education in recent years – and for good reason. Students who are proficient in STEM topics will have lucrative career opportunities available to them in the future. Building interest in science and math at a young age is the first step towards a successful future.


Here are a few holiday gift ideas to get you started and broaden your child’s interest in STEM. All of these products listed are available for individuals to purchase online. In addition, each product is available for the K-12 classroom and any SaaS product that students log into can be accessed through School Passport. So, whether you are a parent or a teacher, check out these ideas.


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Codementum offers a variety of online STEM-related learning for students or for the teachers in your life. App Maker is a product that helps students learn to code device-independent apps using Python and JavaScript. They offer monthly, yearly, and lifetime pricing starting at $9 per month. Learn more.



Robotify’s unique concept is learning to code by controlling virtual robots within their online platform. Educators especially love this SaaS platform in the classroom since they don’t have to buy and stock robots for each student. Parents will love the priced-right annual fee of only $49.95. Be sure to catch Robotify’s chat with Steve Wozniak, which you’ll find on their website. Learn more.



CompuScholar offers a variety of online STEM courses. Their web design course stands out for grades 6 – 12. The annual fee for this course is $120, but if you have more than one child, you can add additional children for only $40 more. Your students in the classroom or at home will be able to learn how to build websites and use CSS code. Learn more.



AI World School focuses on Artificial Intelligence and Coding Courses for students ages 7 and up – and AI is definitely a skill the future workforce will need to understand. Among their courses, The Virtual Driverless Car course is very popular and ideal for ages 14 and up. At only $99, students in the classroom or at home can learn to train and run a self-driving car in a custom built simulator. Learn more.


Looking for hands-on learning that would not require a computer?

We all need an occasional break from screen time, so if you need something to tempt them away from the computer, there are some amazing STEM learning products. Each product featured below is available for individuals to purchase online or for the K-12 classroom. So, parents and teachers will want to check out these STEM products.



The Piper Computer Kit is ideal for children in grades 5 to 8. Classroom teachers can buy a bundle for their entire class. For educators, Piper offers a robust standard’s aligned curriculum with lesson plans, assessments, student hand-outs, vocabulary, and instructional resources. But parents can get this project for use at home, too. While it costs a little more than some of the products, for $269, you end up with a functional computer when the project is complete. Learn more.



Strawbees not only focuses on STEAM but on sustainability. Their mission is to upcycle single-use straws into STEAM projects for students. Their STEAM Starter Kit, a personal sized building set with 230 pieces to build several small towers, moving mechanical cranes and arms is only $25. A large classroom version of this kit is also available. Learn more.



The STEM Maker Kit by Robotix is a favorite for children who enjoy building projects. It is a construction set ideally for the student in elementary grades. Children can build 30+ models related to simple machines using the instructions provided. Creation promotes critical thinking and problem solving skills as students learn about wedges, pulleys, wheels, axels, levers, gears and inclined planes. At only $49, it’s great for your child at home or for the classroom. Learn more.



At only $24.99, 3DuxDesign’s Go Pack Maker Kit has everything you need for projects in a backpack for ages 9 and up. These GO-Packs are designed to offer every student their own materials and an easy way to transport projects back and forth to school, if needed. It’s great for children to use at home, too. If transporting to school, just use a permanent marker to let every student customize and label their GO-Pack to assure no mix-ups.  Learn more.


The prices listed here were accurate at the time of publication.



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