SchoolTube is the Video Sharing Platform for K-12 School Districts

SchoolTube is the Video Sharing Platform for K-12 School Districts

The majority of teachers now share videos with their students to augment classroom teaching. Video use also runs the spectrum of district operations for training and communications. Districts and schools across the US are safely supporting teacher, student and administrative video creation, hosting and sharing needs with SchoolTube – now available via GG4L’s School Passport iPaaS platform.


SchoolTube is the Premiere Video Sharing Platform for K-12 Schools

 SchoolTube is a video creation and sharing platform specifically designed for K12 schools. Users from more than 70,000 schools access SchoolTube daily generating millions of video views. Teachers and staff can create multiple personal channels and playlists to organize and share their videos. Upon video upload, English captions are applied making them ADA compliant. SchoolTube includes a robust suite of video management features, including public and private viewing environments. An analytics dashboard details video views and channel viewership. Watch the SchoolTube Feature Tour to learn more.


Who Can Use SchoolTube?

SchoolTube can be used across the K-12 spectrum from the classroom, to the school office, to the district office and to the school board.  Teachers and school/district administrators that produce video content can create a FREE* SchoolTube accounts through GG4L’s School Passport and start uploading, organizing and sharing their videos. Watch the SchoolTube Showcase Playlist to learn how districts, schools and teachers use SchoolTube today.


SchoolTube, the Safe Alternative to YouTube

Teachers across the US are uploading their own videos and linking their favorite YouTube videos* to SchoolTube so they can safely display these videos with their students.  By sharing their videos using SchoolTube, teachers do not need to worry about random ‘recommended’ or ‘related’ videos showing up on their screens that are not appropriate for children. The SchoolTube system does not allow for comments below a video, which is often a source of frustration and inappropriate text and links. SchoolTube has been serving K-12 school communities since 2007 and is endorsed by many national education organizations. SchoolTube is COPPA and ADA-Compliant platform, 100% focused on K-12 for:

  • Distance Learning
  • Educational Lesson Videos & Content
  • Staff Training
  • School & District Communications
  • Superintendent and Principal Messages
  • Archiving & Sharing School Board Meeting Recordings
  • Teachers Favorite YouTube Videos can be uploaded/shared on SchoolTube


SchoolTube is the Place for Safe YouTube Video Sharing

*Every SchoolTube account includes the ability to link and play publicly available YouTube videos. In doing so, the YouTube videos are not downloaded, but play within the SchoolTube page while removing YouTube suggested videos and comments. This process also eliminates the teacher’s need to share their personal YouTube browsing history.  Ads originating from YouTube will still play and if your district restricts YouTube on student devices, this process too will be blocked.  However, where YouTube is unblocked, it is a great way to share YouTube videos.


Every GG4L School Member Has Access to SchoolTube for Free

School Passport now includes SchoolTube as a pre-approved application. Offering a video creation and hosting service is now a must-have for K-12 learning. SchoolTube is FREE* and is immediately accessible by clicking on the SchoolTube link in School Passport. Watch our SchoolTube webinar to learn more or book a SchoolTube demo today!

*Ad-free subscription plan available. Request Info


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