8 Options for Student Information Systems (SIS) for K12

8 Options for Student Information Systems (SIS) for K12

Managing information in the K-12 education environment is a monumental task. It’s made much easier with the right student information system (SIS) in place. An SIS is a tech solution for schools that tracks and manages student data, much like a CRM. It can be used by administrators, educators, parents, and even the students themselves. Most SIS integrate with communication and learning management system solutions for a complete education management solution.


What to Look for in an SIS

Student Information System software enables K-12 schools to automate certain tasks, communicate more effectively with parents, and maintain student records.  When you are trying to find the right SIS for your school, considerations should include:


  • Comprehensive student data privacy
  • Easy integration with other tools you use
  • Grading, report card, and transcript management
  • Event scheduling and calendar management
  • Communication integration and messaging
  • Portals for students, parents, and guardians
  • Financial management tools


Top SIS Solutions for K-12 Schools

Student information systems enhance data transparency for schools without compromising student data security. SIS benefits both students and teachers in terms of establishing better communication and education. It aids administrators in managing financial and student data. It enables better communications between parents and teachers. Here are a few options to consider.


Lumen Touch SIS


Bright Student™ is a comprehensive student achievement and full student information system. Schools are enabled to focus on delivering the best learning opportunities, due to less time and resources dedicated to data management and reporting. Bright Student allows schools to utilize all their resources efficiently and save money while meeting the increasing need for administrative tracking, performance analysis and detailed local and state reporting requirements.


Alma SIS


Alma’s cloud-based SIS provides the flexible, future-ready solution school and district administrators need to address the requirements of their unique communities and learning ecosystems while improving communication and family engagement. Alma serves as the nerve center of a school, creating transparency and awareness around what is occurring at both a student and school-wide level. The mission-critical platform enables schools to empower educators with more time and better insight to drive student achievement, both intellectually and socially, and to ensure parents and students that information is accurate and up-to-date.


Infinite Campus SIS


Infinite Campus’ flagship student information system streamlines educational processes, promotes stakeholder collaboration, and personalizes learning. Administrators efficiently run their schools and spend more time with kids. Teachers take advantage of digital learning tools to deliver instruction in a way that each student can best relate, and students and parents can access learning information in real-time via web browsers and mobile apps.


Skyward SIS


Skyward products include a K-12 student information system and a finance/human resources suite for schools and municipalities. A better SIS and ERP experience starts here, serving school districts and municipalities around the world. Work smarter. Engage more. Empower everyone.


Tyler SIS


Tyler SIS™ is the complete student information solution your district needs. Simplify your processes and integrate all your student information into one location. Tyler SIS enables administrators, counselors, teachers, and staff to spend less time worrying about operations and more time focused on students.


Aeries SIS


Aeries® SIS is a comprehensive solution that incorporates multiple technologies to meet the diverse and ever-changing needs of educators. The design and development of this robust, user-friendly system is rooted in over 40 years of experience in educational technology. Aeries is both flexible and scalable to meet and exceed the needs of both small and large districts, as well as private schools too!

Because of Aeries Software’s multi-decade focus on education solutions, Aeries is designed specificially to support K-12 environments. These include: elementary, middle, and high schools, alternative education, charter schools and private schools. Aeries enhancements respond quickly to the changing requirements established by law. All related modifications and updates to Aeries are included as a part of our client’s annual support maintenance.


PowerSchool SIS


PowerSchool iNow SIS combines the capabilities of an SIS, LMS, app store and prescriptive learning engine into one comprehensive student achievement platform. From the back office to the front doorstep, PowerSchool iNow SIS connects the entire education community with real-time information, collaboration, and communication tools with access to a world of learning from any device.


Focus SIS


Focus School Software licenses systems to provide school districts with a scalable and flexible solution that meets not only the information demands of today, but also the future, running on an enterprise strength relational database (PostgreSQL) on either customer owned servers or remote Focus servers. With an open architecture platform, Focus School Software provides our customers with a system that can meet the ever-changing demands of student information reporting and analysis. In addition, the district can share in the developments of other Focus users.


School Passport integrates easily with 40+ Student Information Systems (SIS), the majority of all Learning Management Systems (LMS) and LDAP Directories. School membership in GG4L is free. See more options by searching our Catalyst Catalog.

GG4L - The Global Grid 4 Learning

School Passport is a data exchange platform that exchanges any data with any EdTech product, eliminates the need to share student PII and is easy to implement for schools and vendors.


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