10 EdTech Solutions for K-12 Health and Safety

10 EdTech Solutions for K-12 Health and Safety

Today’s technology makes it easier for schools to manage K-12 health and safety, including vaccine management, covid testing and tracking, and SEL. Here are 10 edtech solutions for K-12 health and safety.


Daily School Health and Wellness Checks with SchoolPass

SchoolPass The SchoolPass app allows parents and guardians to check children in and out from their cars. By using GPS, schools no longer need to field phone calls and notes for students who are leaving for an appointment, getting picked up early, or arriving late. According to SchoolPass, schools reduce the time spent managing schedule changes by about 85%.


School Dismissal App Adds Daily Health Check-In App

Pikmykid, a school dismissal app used by thousands of schools, has added a daily health check-in module to their app at no extra cost. In addition to adding safety to check-in and check-out each day. The feature helps students maintain social distancing and allows the school to proactively screen students.


Bring Students Back to Campus Safely

The COVID-19 screening feature from School Info helps schools and districts quickly and effectively screen all campus visitors with a set of screening questions that both gives the visitor instructions should they not pass the screening as well as provides the school with reporting to manage who is allowed on campus.


Covid Screening App for Small Schools

SchoolCues has launched a Covid screening app specifically designed for smaller schools. Featuring customizable functionality that works on a GPS-enabled QR code, the screening app is included in their budget-friendly all-in-one management system.


Return to Learning with GG4L and CrisisGo

GG4L is proud to partner with CrisisGo to bring schools a way to ensure privacy while still proactively managing health and safety. CrisisGo’s API technology integrates seamlessly with national laboratories and school labs so that results are synchronized and immediately available. And with School Passport, GG4L’s Integration Platform as a Service, and CrisisGo’s Safety iPass, school district leaders, teachers, and parents can be assured a private, online environment from which they can:

  • Submit student & staff vaccination records to school with proof.
  • Monitor staff & student vaccination progress through administrators.
  • Access vaccination status and records through the CrisisGo app.
  • Enhance the accuracy of contact tracing with vaccination records.


Social Distancing Support for Your School

Eduspire Solutions has developed e-hallpass, the hallpass of the future, designed to help manage social distancing and contact reporting. Using e-hallpass, your school can easily encourage social distancing protocols and maintain safeguards using a contactless hall pass system to prevent the spread of germs and provide simple contact tracing by reporting which students were out on hall passes at the same time in a specified period of time.


Supporting a Safe Return to Schools

Frontline Education has developed a COVID-19 tracking module that is included in their Frontline School Health Management System. The module allows schools to :

  • Easily track and report on staff and student vaccines, ongoing staff COVID testing, and mask mandate exemptions for staff and students.
  • Monitor the health of your staff and students in real time with notification of COVID-19 questionnaire results.
  • Track trends by school across your district and monitor staff COVID-19 vaccine and testing compliance rates.
  • Collect Critical Physical and Mental Health Data
  • Track symptoms, testing, immunity, and mental health data to keep students and staff safe. And securely perform daily health checks with a mobile health screening app.


Measure COVID Risk in Your School

Mr. Elmer helps schools measure COVID risk and navigate an equitable way forward for all students with  Intervention Compass. The COVID dashboard measures relative risk and reports it live each day. The updates are based on the role of the user and include screening results, measurement of risk to staff and students.


Securely and Easily Track COVID and Vaccinations

Offered as a service, ZippSlip’s COVID and Vaccination Tracking can be enabled in a school or district within hours. The service allows a district to:

  • Electronically collect proof-of-vaccination documents from staff and/or students
  • Track COVID symptoms and risk-factors in the staff or student population through automated daily electronic surveys
  • View COVID and vaccination information on interactive dashboards
  • Easily conform to vaccination mandates while maintaining HIPAA


Safely Monitor and Track Student and Staff Health

Lumen Touch Bright CARE™ allows districts to safely monitor and track the health of their students and staff without compromising personal privacy. Using student badges, tracking and tracing information is collected privately.

Schools are now able to:

  • Track temperatures
  • Conduct contact tracing
  • Manage COVID-19 testing
  • Monitor social distancing
  • Report information securely to the CDC and local health departments
  • Run reports on immunizations and track compliance
  • Prepare and analyze district-wide vaccination summaries


As we enter the third school year impacted by the pandemic, supporting districts, schools, and educators with the right technology has become critical. It’s not just edtech that allows students to learn consistently whether they’re at home or at school that is making a difference. Many schools may need multiple solutions to meet all their needs, and these solutions are among the best K-12 health and safety solutions available. Learn more about our integration partners at https://gg4l.com/.

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