Using EdTech to Improve Dismissal Process

Using EdTech to Improve Dismissal Process


QManager’s easy onboarding process and advanced notification system had an immediate impact on Westminster Christian Academy’s dismissal process: a 57% reduction in student wait time and a much shorter, faster moving line of waiting cars.

The Challenge: Long Dismissal Lines

Most of the school day at Westminster Christian Academy in Louisiana ran quite seamlessly. But a recurring problem plagued the school in the afternoons after the dismissal bell. The students would leave their classrooms and line up in the lobby to be picked up. Standing around with nothing to do, they quickly grew restless and uncomfortable. And they were not just standing there for a short time; they waited up to 35 minutes to be dismissed. Meanwhile, the line of cars outside the school was so long, it extended from the campus down the road, all the way to a busy highway. It was frustrating for parents and guardians, as well as for students and teachers, and it was unseemly for the school.

“We wanted to smooth out our dismissal line,” says Jon Sonbuchner, an administrator at the school. “We did some redirection, bought some property.” But he knew that wasn’t enough. That’s when he called Mobile Queue Technology.

The Solution: QManager

Jon selected Mobile Queue Technology’s QManager application because it had all the features Westminster Christian needed to fix its dismissal issues. QManager’s notification system lets teachers know when parents and guardians have arrived at the school, so students can be dismissed in the proper order. And dismissal goes much faster since parents and guardians can sign students out of school directly from their mobile phones, rather than having to wait for a shared device or checklist. The app’s ease of use and strong performance record were also significant considerations for Jon.
QManager’s Key Features:

• Monitor display of parent list
• Swipe student names to mark them as dismissed
• Highly customizable alerts are automatically sent to parents upon sign-out
• Traffic flow management capabilities

The Results: Wait Times Dropped from 35 Minutes to 15

By March 2016, 60-70% of the parents at Westminster Christian Academy were using the QManager app, and the difference was clear. “As soon as people started using it, dismissal got faster,” added Sonbuchner. The 30-35-minute wait has been reduced to just 15 minutes, and the line of waiting cars no longer reaches the highway. Jon hopes that even more parents will adopt the program, reducing wait times even further. But for now, thanks to QManager’s speedy dismissal and traffic flow management software, Westminster Christian Academy’s unwieldy dismissal line is a thing of the past.

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