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Unified and Simplified Communications for Increased Parent Engagement

CASE STUDY – Actionaly 

Actionaly is a GG4L EdTech partner that provides a comprehensive and constantly improving communication platform that empowers districts to more effectively communicate.  A family engagement platform, Actionaly supports education by building better community relationships. As with any relationship, communication is key.  With today’s parents becoming more involved, family engagement needs to be organized, consistent, and even monitored. With Actionaly, you can build support by streamlining actionable tasks and driving engagement with all family members.


Reed Union School District is a small district with three schools: K-2, 3-5, and 6-8, located in South Marin County outside of San Francisco, California. The parents in the district are predominately high-end professionals who are deeply involved in and committed to their children’s success.  The district has been working with Actionaly since 2015.


The Challenges

Before selecting Actionaly to meet the district’s communication needs, Reed Union School district struggled with their efforts to communicate effectively with parents – and to achieve the level of engagement they desired. Reed Union’s IT director, Evan McKay, explains, “We were using all kinds of disparate ways of communicating with parents in the district, and it was a bit of a logistical nightmare. We tried a few different products, and teachers created their own distribution groups for parents. It was confusing for parents – some communication was digital; some was paper form.”


The Solution

Reed Union District selected Actionaly to provide a total communication solution. Actionaly is the first Family Relationship Management system. It’s an integrated CRM for schools that automates and simplifies communications to save money for schools and districts and, of course, save time for educators and parents, while delivering increasing engagement. During these uncertain times in our communities, reliable communication is essential.



 Simplification and Unification of Communication: By partnering with Actionaly, Reed Union School District now has a comprehensive way of communicating with parents. Not only was it easy to integrate into their system, but Actionaly was extremely responsive to the district’s needs. For example, when the district needed a way to manage health screenings for faculty and for students when they returned to the classroom, Actionaly was able to step in and help manage that process, allowing the district to end contracts with other platforms and reduce the complexity of their communication process.


“It’s narrowed our communication with our parents to simply through our SIS or through Actionaly.” – Evan McKay, Director of Technology


Improved Parent Engagement: Implementing Actionaly has helped the district improve their level of engagement significantly. McKay explains, “Actionaly is easy to use, which led to really high engagement. Sometimes within a day, we already have over 80% response. In fact, we now do our daily health surveys through Actionaly, and get more than 95% response rate between 6 and 8:30am!”


The Actionaly Difference

Actionaly is the first Family Engagement platform for school districts and their community. From digital signatures to payments; from voice calls and chats to newsletters and announcements; from registration for field trips to parent-teacher conferences, Actionaly reaches out to all households in more than 100 languages, via email, app, and SMS, to get the data and information districts, schools and families require to engage effectively. All engagement is measured to help districts optimize family engagement.


“Actionaly is very easy to work with. Sometimes I think they don’t sleep at night. We have unique asks and they always deliver. For example, we are using Actionaly now, very last minute, to do our health screenings for Covid. We do it with our staff now and will with our students. We needed a small word change to part of it, and I only let Gauthier (Actionaly’s CEO) know late at night by text – but it was done the next day. They really got us out of a bind with the health screenings.”



Before Actionaly, Reed Union School District was using School Messenger, Remind, Constant Contact for sending mass emails, paper flyers, email, and Google forms. By switching to Actionaly, they were able to end the use of all the other products, since Actionaly aggregates multiple communication solutions.


“Ease of use is what differentiates Actionaly from other communication tools. The UI is clean and simple. It works well on smart devices. It’s not only easy to use for the end user but for the person administering the tool. The best thing I like is the automated reminder feature, that automatically reminds only the people who haven’t responded. It’s perhaps the single best feature because you can remind the people that haven’t responded without annoying the people that have. There are also interesting partnerships that Actionaly is developing, with GG4L for example, that have great potential for school districts.” – Evan McKay

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