Tracking Student Health with GG4L and Lumen Touch Bright Care™

Tracking Student Health with GG4L and Lumen Touch Bright Care™

Student health tracking just became easier! GG4L partners with edtech vendors around the globe to provide solutions that help schools engage with students and the community more effectively, keep student data safe, manage student data more efficiently, and support special groups with the individualized solutions they require. One such partner is Lumen Touch, whose ideals about the future of education are so well aligned with GG4L. Lumen Touch is committed to listening to teachers, IT directors, and school administrators and then taking action to deliver what they need. One of their solutions solves a variety of problems for K-12 schools: Bright CARE™ – a solution that has new enhanced features to meet the needs of districts today.


What Is Bright Care?

Bright CARE is a comprehensive student health and medical record management system that provides immediate and historical data. This product is also the only total electronic medical record that tracks medical, dental and behavioral health. It can be implemented as a standalone application or as part of Bright STUDENT, Lumen Touch’s Student and District Management System. Some features of Bright CARE include:

  • Comprehensive Student Health Tracking
  • Schedule and track office visits
  • Full immunization tracking including state compliance and expirations
  • Medication inventory tracking with automatic expiration notification
  • Medical condition tracking with health alert system
  • Medical insurance (health, dental, etc.), demographic and emergency contacts.
  • Automated Medicaid Billing


How Has Bright CARE Been Updated Since the Pandemic?

In response to the Covid-19 crisis and the challenges facing schools, Lumen Touch has developed a system to monitor students and staff and carry out contact tracing. Using data coming from different thermometers, (eg. GoSafe) schools have another method to manage the safety of students and staff. To meet district and state reporting requirements, Bright CARE provides many management tools, including:


  • Temperature tracking and contact tracing
  • Tracking of Covid-19 testing
  • Monitoring and alerting on social distancing
  • Summary of medical conditions and injuries
  • District wide summary of immunization error dates
  • Immunization summary by type and exemption report (to include Covid-19 vaccination)


Lumen Touch has partnered with Tesseract Ventures to implement Tesseract’s PRISM technology, giving schools an accurate tracking system of wearable badges to collect attendance, proximity, and wellness data. The badges not only prioritizes students’ safety, but also their privacy by shielding the individuals’ data from anyone without proper authorization.


Bright Care Improves Absenteeism Rates

In addition to helping schools manage post-pandemic health screening and compliance reporting, Bright CARE is an effective student health center management tool, allowing schools to connect with SHCs and better manage student health. Lumen Touch is also able to reduce absenteeism by using Bright Care.


Bright Care Is Part of GG4L’s Digital Stimulus Package

For a limited time only in 2020, as a GG4L Member, you can have immediate deployment of a free, fully integrated digital transformation bundle, valued over $2,500 per school, consisting of a District-Branded Portal that is tightly integrated with your SIS roster data, offering:

  • Reliable single sign-on School Passport across all apps
  • Safe online SchoolTube video sharing for all courses
  • Academic achievement self-diagnostic tools through Gooru’s GPS Navigators
  • Secure GG4L Virtual Classrooms for all courses (60-day trial)
  • Actionable family engagement with native iOS/Android mobile app (60-day trial)
  • Personalized wellness dashboards (60-day trial)
  • Hundreds of free online learning resources available from GG4L’s Catalyst Catalog

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