Future-Proof Skills for School Learners Globally

GG4L’s Future-Proof Skills Impact Initiative Fosters a Purpose-Built Career-Ready STEAM Ecosystem for K-12 Schools

Today the Global Grid for Learning (GG4L), a Public Benefit Corporation, announced a new strategic impact initiative, called Future-Proof Skills, centered around STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) and business education along with career-ready skills mastery, validation and inventory for schools worldwide.

This is GG4L’s second strategic impact initiative to-date, building on top of its first foundational initiative, Safer Schools in America that was launched in partnership with McREL International in November 2018 as a $25M research grant program.

“We all want our children to succeed at life, learning, and career. Future-Proof Skills will help each school individually and uniquely bridge the gap between the knowledge and skills it currently teaches, with those that are identified locally and globally as needed for success, including  those that are just emerging and those that we have not even dreamed of yet.” said Dr. Sandra Elliott, GG4L’s Chief Academic Officer. “We believe this requires a data-informed framework that connects the ecosystem of  learners, educators, employers, social systems, and technology solutions, enabling individuals to find the best match for their knowledge, skills, and abilities and the needs of the workforce and society.”

GG4L’s Future-Proof Skills Impact initiative will focus on purposefully attracting a unique ecosystem of innovative EdTech vendors, content publishers, corporate sponsors, education foundations and research organizations, all focusing on STEAM and Business Skills, pathways to higher education and specialized careers, and solving the anticipated future shortage in various skill sets required by hundreds of career choices, many of which are yet to be identified.

Similar to the Safer Schools Impact initiative, Future-Proof Skills aims to create a validated framework for a continuous improvement process that could be adopted by any school. Future-Proof Skills will insure that schools are preparing a future workforce that is ready to tackle new and emerging opportunities in various new fields such as Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Robotics, and Cybersecurity.

GG4L’s core technology supporting this impact initiative is composed of an integration platform, called GG4L Connect, used by thousands of schools across the world, and a data analytics and visualization tool called GG4L Compass, that is being tested in various US school districts and expected to be officially released and announced in a few weeks. 

To support its Future-Proof Skills program activities, such as grants, contests, internships, and scholarships, GG4L is now soliciting corporate sponsors, research partners, and EdTech vendors to join its Future-Proof Skills ecosystem. Click here for more information and to apply for membership,

Healthy Schools = Healthy Community

Schools are the heart of each community. One out of two families in any neighborhood has at least one child who attends school. We trust schools with our children’s safety and well-being, and count on our schools to assist us as parents in educating our children and preparing them for their lifelong journey. Accordingly, local schools are critical to all of us and can greatly influence the overall socio-economic well-being of our communities.

When Schools Flourish, the Whole Community Excels

A highly rated public-school district is an important factor in creating demand for people to live in nearby homes, thus creating an increased demand for real estate properties. The ensuing surge in the average selling price of homes can provide a nice economic gain to the home owners of such a fortunate community.  Businesses also flourish around great schools. The better the economic security of the families in the community, the higher their spending power on consumer goods and services. So why should we all care about the health of our local schools? Because there is enough evidence that proves healthy schools lead to healthy surrounding communities.

Improving School Health through EdTech

Having great technology infrastructure in schools is no longer a nice-to-have – it is a must-have. Without technology, schools are unable to leverage the innovation that offers a positive impact not just inside the classroom but also in other critical components that affect our children’s safety.  A well-architected, resourced, and executed technology roadmap is mission critical to embracing innovative solutions that will ultimately improve the prosperity of each school.  But that technology must be not only accessible and affordable for schools but also protect the data of every user.

So how do we deliver the innovation, technology, and data security that schools need? It is the mission of Global Grid for Learning (GG4L), a Public Benefit Corporation, to accomplish exactly that! GG4L will create a sustainable impact in the world by helping schools solve the problem of secure and private data interoperability while reducing direct and indirect costs, by leveraging impact investments made by philanthropic foundations, CSRs, and local school communities.

This is a new era of giving where the money will be directly invested to affect the bottom line of every school, making hundreds of thousands of schools around the globe healthier, ultimately improving the lives of every citizen. GG4L is an ambitious global endeavor.  It will take years to be able to benefit every school around the world, but we intend to stay focused on our mission of improving the life of every citizen by focusing on schools, and their well-being, one school at a time.

Whether you are a school district, an EdTech vendor, or a potential sponsor, joining GG4L’s collaborative is easy. For further details about GG4L, how to join GG4L, or how to participate in an upcoming Impact Initiative, simply visit: https://gg4l.com/ or contact us at info@gg4l.com.