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School Passport: Your Connection to Impactful Innovation and Infrastructure

School Passport: Your Connection to Impactful Innovation and Infrastructure

GG4L announced School Passport at ISTI last summer, and we are already seeing the impact it is having on schools around the country (read the Alachua School District case study here). School Passport was obtained through our acquisition of Edutone and has been in use for many years as a white label solution by Pearson and other companies. GG4L is repurposing Passport through GG4L Connect to provide a full, enterprise-wide single sign on (SSO) solution.

Benefits of School Passport

Schools who join GG4L (membership is free) can use School Passport to integrate any solution, not just our EdTech. Our SSO works with SALM, OAuth, Active Directory, Google, and many others, functioning as an identity broker to enable SSO for students, teachers, administrators, and parents. Through Passport, we can federate authentication credentials for school passport as well as all EdTech solutions directly. This is a game changer for schools who have been looking for an affordable single sign on solution.

Collect, Clean, Transform, and Share Data

Onboarded at over 500 school districts with 9000 schools with 1200 new districts coming online each month, School Passport revolutionizes EdTech management and infrastructure. And it works on districts and schools of every size, from large districts like LA Unified to a single charter school in one location. Every school receives the same access.

Through GG4L Connect, we collect, clean, transform, and share data through an API. schools can integrate LMS, LDAT, and SIS into a single admin console to govern data interoperability. It includes a complete audit trail, secure data sharing, and compliance. School administrators can sleep better at night knowing there is just one place to go to find everything, including data privacy agreements, quality control, and filtering.

Future-Proofing School Infrastructure

Because our vendors do not pay on a per headcount model, they realize significant cost savings that are passed on to schools. But the savings is not just in the cost of EdTech solutions, for which we offer grants. It’s in the ability to add, remove, and adjust services with the click of a button through our dashboard. With a single sign on right on your desktop, you can log into Google classroom, Gmail, any EdTech solution you have available, and any other app. Save time, save money, reduce your IT budget, and experience immediate deployment of solutions.

When you log into School Passport, you’ll have a dashboard that lists your EdTech solutions. You’ll have hands-on access to all the metrics you need to see who is using your applications, how they are being used, where data is coming and going, what kind of data your EdTech vendors have access to, what kind of consents have been signed, and more. We provide notifications about data quality issues and give you an easy way to correct it. And it’s all hosted on an industry-standard, one-roster API through secure AWS cloud hosting. You can browse data in real time, sort and see missing data, and provision apps based on roles with a single drag and drop. For example, if you add a new EdTech solution, instead of having a team of IT people manually connect it to each student’s laptop, you simply drag the icon into the student role, and it is immediately deployed to every student.

School Passport Grants

Any member school can have access to the freemium version of School Passport at no cost. The full version of School Passport costs $2 per student. There are add-on options that have an additional cost, such as ADFS, parent SSO, LMS/District embedding, and customer or partner cloud hosted enterprise edition.  We offer five-year grants to member schools for Passport premium. The grant covers the five-year license; the school only pays a one-time professional services fee.

How Do I get the School Passport Grant?

GG4L provides the necessary documents, including IRS Form 8283, GG4L Software quote, GG4L Service quote, and a donation letter template to acknowledge the corporate sponsor donation. We help you get the money you need to have this five-year program in place.

Phased implementation of the Passport Grants is starting now:

  • Phase 1: Grant application process through 12.31.2019
  • Phase 2: Pilot deployments, advanced integration, district wide deployment readiness, staff training (1/1/20-6/30/20)
  • Phase 3 – 7/1/20 & beyond: district-wide deployments funded for 5 years, Fall 2020 full-school launch

Any school can become a GG4L member for free and have access to School Passport grants, on-demand grants, and our catalog of validated EdTech vendors. Learn more and become a member school.

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