School Passport Engagement: Empowered Education

Global Grid for Learning (GG4L) is pleased to announce a new module within School Passport called Engagement. Engagement is a module within School Passport that measures all online reading, learning, and engagement. Without this layer, educators are in the dark. School Passport Engagement breaks down all engaged time by website, app, program, subject area, and reading level organized by school, class, and student.

SP Engagement Chrome

How Engagement Works

School Passport Engagement’s patented smart technology measures students’ engaged reading and learning time online across the entire web, calculating the reading level and subject area of every webpage, regardless of whether it is free open-source content or a paid application or program. This School Passport extension is your student’s ticket to everything edtech as it captures all learning. A single click in the browser provides a fully customizable launcher to all school provisioned applications. “Engagement enables all online learning to be fully understood by educators and students,” said Nick Garvin, VP of Product. “Engagement isn’t just measuring clicks, it’s giving real insight into the big picture, while rewarding students for learning on their own and exploring their interests for the first time.”

SP Engagement Dashboard

How Engagement Empowers Educators

Educators can use Engagement to click the School Passport extension any time to find out the reading level of any article or web page. This can aid in curriculum development and assignment planning, regardless of subject. Teachers get helpful information on where and how student learning is happening, down to the student. Teachers can better connect with students, and assign reading across the web by reading level, subject area, or website.


How Engagement Empowers School Leaders

School leaders can instantly see how learning is being accomplished across the digital space, on all devices in aggregate, quickly understanding what is working and what isn’t. These visualizations simplify thousands of data points and make it easier to make decisions that positively impact education. Data can be organized by school, class, and even student. You will be able to:


  • Measure and empower online learning
  • Understand student’s online reading levels
  • Improve EdTech outcomes
  • Discover students’ passions and interests
  • Make better EdTech decisions


How Engagement Empowers Students

Students are empowered to learn with the freedom to explore and read topics or websites that interest them, while getting recognized for it. Stars and Stacks communicate a student’s passion in a specific topic or category that can help foster college and career readiness.

To learn more about School Passport Engagement, please visit our website.

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