Improve access to your existing subscription to Subfinder by selecting this Single Sign-On (SSO) Connector. This SSO Connector ensures that any end user only needs one username and password to use Subfinder and any other web service used in your educational institution, avoiding multiple log ins and saving you time.

Service provider: Subfinder

SubFinder is much more than an automated substitute placement system…it’s a total employee absence management system for all employee types. SubFinder is a fully automated employee absence management and substitute placement system, providing both Internet and telephone access.

With SubFinder you can require substitutes to enter a specific reason (district defined) as to why they are rejecting the job. You can then generate reports on this information.

The need to create multiple records for one individual is eliminated with SubFinder. In SubFinder you can set your dual status employees up with a single username/password and as they are logging into the system they will be prompted with the option of employee or substitute access.

This Catalyst catalog solution provides: