STEPS Program

STEPS Program – Record high levels of Stress, Anxiety, and Depression (SAD) confronting families are being reported across the country. As a result, experts are now recognizing the importance of social & emotional development. Research has documented that education alone is not enough to prepare teens for the challenges of college, career and life. School systems focus studies on the Intelligence Qualities (IQ) in their core curriculum minimizing the value of Essential Qualities (EQ) like communication and decision-making. SAFE STEPS provides a place where parents and teens can learn these skills together to proactively conquer the impact of SAD. Accessing our proprietary resources, a parent/student foundation develops inclusive of the soft skills desperately needed and bridge the gap between secondary education and life-long learning.

SAFE STEPS is a revolutionary program that helps our youth develop the interpersonal skills they need in order to be successful, not only in their chosen career, but in every facet of their lives! Thriving in today’s world requires skills that traditional education does not provide. We encourage parents & teens to learn the value of effective communication and informed decision making by covering vital topics such as:

• Self Esteem
• Time Management
• Emotional Intelligence
• Problem Solving
• Service to Others

The SAFE STEPS membership platform allows access to digital training via all devices, 24/7 for both parents and students (grades 8-11) to promote positive family participation throughout their journey to adulthood.

IQ + EQ = Proven Outcomes leading to decreased stress, anxiety & depression. – AKA Success!

See how SAFE STEPS Works with Students in an Emotional and Behavioral Health Case Study.


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