Student Provisioning Services (SPS) is a product of 15 years of consulting in the education sphere. “Our solution came out of a really substantial need that I wanted to fix.” -Keith Larson, Founder SPS K12.

SPS completely automates the creation and maintenance of student accounts in your Active Directory or e-Directory to save you time and help ensure accuracy. Most districts then have their local directory synchronized with Google Apps for Education or G-Suite so they are immediately created in Google as well.

Included in our service:

  1. Accounts created in AD/eDir and Google as frequently as we can get fresh data. This is typically at least 3 times per day.
  2. Automated groups based on grade and building that can be synced to Google as email distribution lists
  3. Automatically disable accounts for students that are no longer enrolled and organize accounts by the year a student left the district to simplify and align with your student data retention policy.
  4. Automatically restore accounts for students that leave the district and return later.
  5. Automatically apply the district’s naming standard to all students and handle tie-breakers if necessary.
  6. The capability to customize the initial password used when creating accounts.
  7. A portal for teachers/staff to reset a student’s password back to a known good password without any involvement from the Technology department staff.

Are you looking forward to a pristine directory in AD and Google that always matches your SIS?  Learn more today.

This Catalyst catalog solution provides: