Skoolee offers a wide spectrum of modules and functionality.
Some are handled solely by a specific type of users, such as the system Administrator, and some are workflows between various types of users, such as teachers and students.

Skoolee covers the following main functions:
Fill in an application, whether online or on-site.

    • From your school’s website, give access to potential families and students to fill in an admissions form; start with an enquiry form and move on to upload required documents.
      As a registrar, monitor and assess the applications based on your preset criteria.
    • Create a checklist to follow up on each application’s progress.
    • Finally, accept or reject applicants.

Manage student registration in classes, sections, and courses. Register your students in courses and special courses, whether core or elective. Open online course registration for your students via the student portal.

View calendar of assignments, homework, tasks, events, and other items. Upload supporting documents for each assignment and link this assignment to a specific lesson plan. Provide online solutions and manage student uploads.
Monitor student and staff conduct on a daily basis using your own evaluation system. Create certificates based on merits and demerits, and issue detailed and summary reports.

As a teacher, create online yearly, monthly, and weekly lesson plans for your courses. As a coordinator, review the plans uploaded by the teachers and apply any modifications accordingly. Update your course plans to match the teaching progress.
Whether you follow a specific national, International Baccalaureate, American, French, Canadian, British, or any other type of curriculum, define your school’s degree program and multiple curricula.

Build an online question bank categorized by subject and difficulty level. Set up exams, ask students to take them, and have the system correct them and generate results automatically…

This Catalyst catalog solution provides: