GEOcommand is a state-of-the-art geographic information map-based interface which provides emergency responders with near real-time, location-specific situational awareness technologies – to better enhance response times to man-made and natural disasters. GEOcommand provides a simple and intuitive way to view area-wide (CityAware), to specific in-building floor plans and critical assets (SiteAware), as well as other areas of interest within your campus infrastructure. In addition, the technologies provide responding agencies with the ability to rapidly identify and share active threats and hazards (ie., active shooter, fire, hazardous materials) at the scene – before arrival and coordinate resources for better command and control of the event.

The GEOcommand platform will provide a common operating picture of your school for first responders to share critical data with school administrators, resource officers, and local and state fire and police – seamlessly. This common operating picture is viewed on a map. The technology will identify critical assets such as cameras, door access controls, metal detectors, panic buttons, etc., when breached. When an alarm is triggered, the map will automatically display the alarm location and any specific information the alarm is sending. In addition, the technology can interface with both indoor and outdoor shooter detection systems and biometrics (facial recognition) for a proactive response.

GEOcommand technologies give first responders the proven tools to help close the information gaps in critical decision making and create a safer environment for your students and staff.

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