SchoolMessenger K12 Social

Improve access to your existing subscription to SchoolMessenger K12 Social by selecting this Single Sign-On (SSO) Connector. This SSO Connector ensures that any end user only needs one username and password to use SchoolMessenger K12 Social and any other web service used in your educational institution, avoiding multiple log ins and saving you time.

Service provider: Edutone

Product descriptions are from the provider of the application and do not describe the Passport product connector that enables Single Sign On access to the application.

Manage, monitor, and grow a district’s social media presence across a wide variety of social networks. SchoolMessenger K12 Social is the most complete social media management application, a single place for posting or responding to multiple Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and other accounts, and to listen in real time to countless sources across the web. Robust analytics easily help quantify district social media performance.

This Catalyst catalog solution provides: