In addition to creating solutions and services aimed at helping our clients improve the maintenance, safety and utilization of their grounds and facilities, we also believe in supporting the communities we serve. Giving back is a practice that’s deeply rooted in the DNA of our teams, our founding principles and our corporate structure.

If you visit our offices in November, you’re likely to see a disproportionally large amount of men sporting facial hair in support of the Movember charity raising awareness for men’s health issues. Stop by in August, and you can participate in our Good Dude 5K charity run. During the holiday season, you can participate in our clothing and toy drive for local families in need. And the list goes on.

In fact, each year we give:

  • Complimentary paid time off for employees to donate time to the community
  • A portion of sales proceeds to support technology in education
  • Complimentary product services to under-served and rural schools
  • Ongoing donations of technology, time or resources to non-profit organizations

This approach enables us to both help the communities we serve, as well as connect in a real and meaningful way with those who must need support.

Building world-class solutions is what we do, but it’s the people behind the technology that really make a difference.

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