SAFE SCHOOLz. In an emergency, every second counts towards saving lives and or reducing pain and suffering.

SAFE SCHOOLz is a revolutionary new platform to protect our kids, teachers and even our first responders. It is a groundbreaking, emergency, audio/video conferencing platform that instantly brings classrooms and responders together. Everyone is connected within seconds of the click of a button or an alarm triggered by facial identification of a wanted criminal, expelled student or the sound of a gunshot.

For the first time all responders can instantly see and be seen, hear and be heard from inside the classroom. Responders can immediately intervene with preventative actions as emergency events are beginning instead of when they have escalated out of control or they are over as is most often the case today.

All of this bidirectional communications can happen before a traditional 911 call can even be answered and long before traditional resources can step foot in a classroom, especially a classroom that is not known to be safe or responsible to physically enter.

Knowing that everything that happens on a school campus can be captured and that help from security and first responders is just a click away will reduce bullying, violence even disruptive behavior. It will dramatically change the way people behave and create a safer more relaxed, more creative and healthier emotional and physical environment for our teachers to teach and for our kids to create and learn.

Click, Save Lives


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