Read180 Dashboards

The Teacher and Leadership Dashboards in the Scholastic Next Generation programs support teachers and Administrators by providing accessible and current student data and resources for successful implementation, effective teaching, and differentiated instruction. The Dashboards provide a comprehensive toolbox of easy-to-use online resources for monitoring and supporting student progress in Scholastic Next Generation programs.
Teachers may use their Dashboard to:
– Monitor the usage of each Scholastic Next Generation program and
component program
– Engage in daily professional development for continued learning
– Schedule reports in Scholastic Next Generation programs to run at
predetermined intervals
– Identify and prepare daily lessons for Whole- and Small-Group Instruction
using the Interactive Teaching System (ITS) (literacy programs only)
– Group students for differentiated instruction based on their performance data
(literacy programs only)
– Use the Individual Learning Plan widget to view student data and monitor
progress toward goals

This Catalyst catalog solution provides: