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Service provider: PearsonRealize

With rich and engaging content, embedded assessment with instant data, and flexible classroom management tools, Realize gives you the power to raise interest and achievement for every student.

PEARSON REALIZE™ is our newest learning management system (LMS). It is the online destination for standards-aligned content, flexible class management tools, and embedded assessments that deliver data to teachers instantly. PEARSON REALIZE provides premium content to help teachers enhance their instructional materials. Teachers can search by keyword, browse by a table of contents, or browse by state and Common Core standards. PEARSON REALIZE also encourages teachers to customize the content reports and student usage data give you the power to target your teaching to improve student outcomes.

Pearson Realize offers:

Standards-aligned content — including Common Core Standards
Powerful Search tools — search by keyword, skills, topic or standards helps teacher quickly find lessons, lesson plans and instructional resources
Customizable curriculum — teachers can reorder the table of contents, upload files and media, add links and create custom lessons and assessments
Flexible class management tools — teachers can create classes, organize students by groups and create assignments targeted to those groups, individual students or the entire class.
Digestible student progress data — teachers can instantly access student and class data that shows standards mastery on assessments, online activity and overall progress.

This Catalyst catalog solution provides: