Edivate: A new name for a new professional learning system
Edivate, is an on-demand professional learning resource that creates a highly personalized learning experience for all of your educators, helping them improve their practice and, in turn, raise student achievement.
Edivate comes with:
– Thousands of the very best resources to help create a personalized learning experience for every educator
– Simple management tools to help Administrators create individual and system-wide professional learning plans
– Unmatched support, including strategic planning workshops, unlimited on-demand training, and ongoing consultation
Edivate is designed around the needs of every teacher to help them be more effective
For professional learning to be truly effective, it needs to meet a teacher’s daily needs—and that’s exactly what Edivate does. It offers a personalized experience for every teacher; it delivers thousands of the best resources that can be tailored to your teachers’ interests and needs; and it’s easy to use.
The new Edivate Library is an improved experience that provides users with the best content available. The enhanced Library provides an intuitive and unified searching and filtering experience, enabling users to quickly find what they’re looking for.
Micro-credentials support teacher growth by providing educators with targeted, highly specific skills to achieve competency or receive recognition for the competency they’ve already achieved.

This Catalyst catalog solution provides: