My Integrated Student Information System is a modernized all-in-one student information solution that:

Provides teachers, counselors, administrators, and others with access to student information all in one place.
Shows how a student is progressing toward graduation at any point in time.
Follows every student through his or her educational lifespan—from pre-kindergarten to graduation.
Allows the user to view student information for as long as that student has been in the District.
Is designed around the educational life of a student, bringing together attendance, assignments, grades, test scores, health, program eligibility, and more.
Is being improved with the help of educators and others who use it every day to support students.
Is the first fully-integrated student information system in LAUSD.
Is the largest and most complex student data system in the United States.
Has the flexibility to adapt quickly to evolving needs and requirements.
Provides new ways for parents to stay informed of their students’ progress.

This Catalyst catalog solution provides: