IMS Global 1EdTech

1EdTech is an integration testing and issue resolution service from IMS Global that empowers school districts to get digital resources into the hands of teachers and students when they need them.

1EdTech provides compatibility testing using the IMS OneRoster® standard to ensure smoother integrations when evolving your digital learning ecosystem.

Verifying your rostering information with 1EdTech can help you identify and resolve data, compliance, and compatibility issues with vendors before they become costly problems.

Getting started with your free trial

You can try 1EdTech and enjoy the benefits of IMS membership for free for a six (6) month trial period by clicking the button above. You will be automatically enrolled in 1EdTech and gain access to all of its conformance and compatibility testing features.

In addition, within two (2) business days you will receive details regarding your trial IMS membership, and how you can become more involved in the IMS community. Click here to find out more about the benefits of IMS Global membership.

This Catalyst catalog solution provides: