GG4L Compass

Enable Single Sign-On (SSO) to GG4L Compass for your existing user accounts and automate the set up of new user accounts with this SSO and account provisioning Connector. Easily map your existing user groups and roles to GG4L Compass roles, enabling seamless access with new GG4L Compass user accounts.

Apps for GG4L Compass provide dashboards, internet and intranet mapping sites and mobile access to data.

GG4L Compass® is a software solution that serves as a data integrator and allows for immediate access of school, teacher, and student performance data. It uses one efficient and user-friendly dashboard to assist in making data-driven decisions, and it can be customized to meet district needs. GG4L Compass® is helping transform Montgomery Public Schools by providing accountability and accessibility for all stakeholders.

Montgomery Public Schools (MPS) in Montgomery, Ala. faces challenges like many other large school systems. They are dealing with shifts in population, management of vast real estate holdings, and fluctuations in funding. However, all operations aside, MPS has placed a key focus on tracking individual student progress to help every child succeed. At a recent school board meeting, WSFA and the Montgomery Advertiser took notice of MPS’ new tool to easily manage student data, progress, and performance