Faculty Access to the Web

Faculty Access for the Web enables you to extend Registrar’s Office to wherever teachers, advisors, and administrators can access the Internet. From any compatible web browser, you can help teachers stay connected to students, enter grades, enter attendance, and more. Review the following tasks teachers, department heads, advisors, and administrators can perform in the program.
As a teacher in Faculty Access for the Web, you can:
Set up an online gradebook.
Enter daily assignment grades and comments.
Enter final marking column grades, comments, and skill ratings.
Enter class notes to include on report cards and transcripts.
Enter attendance.
Run progress, missing assignment, and performance comparison reports.
View basic student biographical information, including address, phone, and relation contact information.
View student schedules.
View, edit, and approve course requests.
Send emails to students in your classes and their relations.
Add and edit conduct infractions and consequences.
Add and edit notes.
View what a student sees in NetClassroom.
Review and approve comments (if applicable)

This Catalyst catalog solution provides: