Exploros – Social Studies

Exploros is a teacher-guide social platform for device-enabled instruction, whether in school or remote.

Student Engagement
Teachers choose learning experiences from course playlists and assign them to a class or small group of students. Students actively contribute to the learning experience using social media-style posting. Teachers guide the learning using these student posts to enrich traditional classroom dialog. There are no student bystanders — ALL students engage, sharing graphic organizers, drawings, short essays, and more. This student voice personalizes the learning and increases meaning. By contributing and reflecting, students also practice social-emotional skills daily while learning core academic learning standards.

Teacher Simplicity
When guiding the lesson, teachers have embedded teacher notes, classroom pacing controls, and a progress dashboard, showing real-time student and class progress and achievement. Standards-based analytics help teachers, coaches, and curriculum coordinators with PLCs and data-driven instructional initiatives. Exploros boosts teacher confidence by streamlining instruction — pedagogically strong lessons, student engagement, and analytics, whether in-school or remote.

Quality Curriculum with Impact
Over 600 5E-Model device-enabled lessons for grades 5-11 with courses in U.S. History, Civics, World History, World Cultures, Citizenship, and state-specific courses. In a large case study of 19K students, Exploros helped campuses gain a remarkable 29% on state testing (Texas, U.S. History).