EDUCATEAlabama (EA) is a formative system designed to provide information about a teacher’s/ educator’s current level of practice within the Alabama Continuum for Teacher Development, which is based on the Alabama Quality Teaching Standards (AQTS), Alabama Administrative Code §290-3-3-.04. The AQTS constitutes the foundation of the teaching profession while the Continuum is a tool used to guide teacher/educator reflection, self-assessment, and goal setting for professional learning and growth.
Pursuant to the Alabama Administrative Code §290-3-2-.01(28), EA supports sustained and collaborative activities for teachers/educators designed to increase the academic achievement of all students. The activities must be consistent with the Alabama Standards for Professional Development, Alabama Administrative Code §290-4-3-.01(3). The activities must strengthen pedagogical knowledge and promote the acquisition of research-based strategies. For currently employed Alabama teachers/educators, the activities chosen to improve practice must by supported by data from local schools. Professional Learning Plans (PLPs) must be approved by the employing superintendent.

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