Improve access to your existing subscription to Earobics by selecting this Single Sign-On (SSO) Connector. This SSO Connector ensures that any end user only needs one username and password to use Earobics and any other web service used in your educational institution, avoiding multiple log ins and saving you time.

Service provider: Houghton Mifflin Harcort

Earobics (/www/earobics.com) is a multisensory reading intervention solution designed to support at-risk readers and foster a safe and achievement-oriented learning environment. Earobics includes interactive software, guided instruction, student resources, teacher’s guides, correlations and assessments, customized professional development, and school-to-home connections. Widely deployed in more than 8,000 schools and used by hundreds of thousands of students worldwide, Earobics is a vital choice for districts and schools that need targeted reading instruction to boost performance and close the achievement gap.

This Catalyst catalog solution provides: