Command Center HD

CommandCenterHD was designed from the ground up based on customer demands. We made it simple enough for anyone to use, but powerful and flexible enough to meet the demands of hardcore digital media professionals. Whether you are uploading PowerPoint campaigns, creating high impact motion graphics or integrating with complex technologies – CommandCenterHD will meet your needs.
Whether you have one location or hundreds, Command Center HD centralizes all of your images, videos and presentations, keeping everything safe and secure in one place. Uploading, storing and sharing files with your team is simple and you never have to worry about going over storage limits – we don’t believe in them.
Command Center HD empowers you to publish content to any device that can consume images or video, and you never have to worry about file types or resolution – we take care of that for you. So, if you have a mixed network of digital signage players, iPads, mobile devices, IP Phones, etc., and need to get your message out quickly – Command Center HD is your answer.
Schedule content to playback indefinitely or dial it in to a specific day and time. Want to get creative with your scheduling, no problem! CommandCenterHD makes it simple for you to schedule your content to play back whenever you need it to – the sky is the limit.
Our System Diagnostics dashboard provides you with details into the health of your digital media network and alerts you to any issues that may be occurring. Dive a little deeper and you can find out what devices may be experiencing an issue, what the issue is and how to diagnose it.

This Catalyst catalog solution provides: