Castle Learning

Castle Learning can be used in a variety of ways to enhance instruction. Provided below are a few suggestions to get you started:
Create 3-5 assignments for students and allow students to select 2-3 of the assignments to complete great way to provide student choice.
Use Castle for Warm-ups each day create a 20 question assignment and show students 4 questions per day.
Utilize an LCD projector/Smart board in class to create a game format for an assignment. Have students keep score and possibly reward the winning group & promotes collaboration among students.
Have PLC members divide the workload and develop assignments to share with their teammates, or even Publish them so all teachers in district have access to them. Example: Each PLC member could be responsible for creating 3-5 assignments to share with other members. Each teacher would end up with several assignments in their “bucket”, but would only be responsible for creating a few.
Send home the Parent letter and Student ID card and encourage families to practice on their own via the 4 drop down menu bars on Student Home Page.
Utilize classroom response systems (CPS, Senteo) with Castle in the classroom to engage students.
Have PLCs develop a Common Formative Assessment (CFA) that is created during a PLC meeting. Share the assessment with the other PLC members online, administer the assessment and have teachers bring their Cumulative Report to the next PLC meeting to analyze data, sparking a conversation that will hopefully lead to the sharing of Best Practices between teachers.

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