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Service description: Alucha CPS

The Alachua County Public Schools’ LIIS is called ACIIS, which stands for Alachua County Instructional Improvement System. It is a dashboard for our lesson planner (PCG) and our Professional Development System (True North Logic).

Once fully implemented, ACIIS will allow teachers, parents, students and administrators to access “live” data to help implement instruction designed to increase student achievement.

Once all components of ACIIS are fully operational, teachers will have comprehensive student data (attendance, behavior, assessment, etc.) available on a “teacher dashboard” which will allow them to drill down to isolate student instructional needs, for individuals or groups (by specific criteria, such as item analysis). They will also be able to create reports by selecting criteria of their choice. Teachers will be able to view student data while preparing lessons, allowing for easier differentiation and assessment tailored to student ability. They will be able to develop assessments using an item bank or by creating their own test items and deliver the assessment via a variety of media (paper/pencil, computer, etc.) with immediate access to results. Parent communication will be facilitated through the school and class websites. The professional development database will provide numerous opportunities for individualized training with self-paced options and individualized reporting of participation.

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