District & School Member Application

Please concur with:

Our organization pledges to collaborate with GG4L in the following areas:

  1. Provide Digital Learning Environments for Teachers, Students, and Communities
    We commit to working collaboratively to create a digital ecosystem that supports transformative teaching and learning strategies, improve student learning outcomes by extracting maximum, actionable insights from across all sources of digital education solutions, thereby:
    • Enhancing data-driven decision-making capacity in schools;
    • Participating in edtech efficacy initiatives that address our needs;
    • Eliminating barriers to adopting innovative solutions;
    • Driving optimal school/district/state resource allocation;
    • Cultivating an enriched school culture for all; and
    • Addressing the unique needs of each and every student as ALL children can learn given the right set of supports!
  2. Creating Safer and Healthier Learning Environments
    We commit to deploy, validate and sustain data-driven digital infrastructure that improves student safety and wellness.
  3. Educate our Communities about Data Privacy
    We commit to protecting student privacy and educating students, parents, and educators about best practices regarding data privacy and security.
  4. Advocate for Data Interoperability
    We commit to maximizing equitable access and availability to technology by advocating for data interoperability to inform instructional decisions, empower educators, and improve student learning outcomes.