The Global Grid for Learning

K-12 Technology Impact at Scale

The platform technology powering The Global Grid for Learning is purpose-built for K-12, designed to revolutionize how education technology is deployed, measured and financed. The GG4L platform helps schools deploy cost-effective edtech solutions thanks to the generous support of GG4L members and sponsors.

GG4L Connect – Connecting Schools to Applications

GG4L Connect is an integration platform-as-a-service (iPaaS) providing interoperability between SIS and other district IT infrastructure and cloud applications. GG4L Connect liberates siloed data, automates otherwise manual integration processes and cleanses data to improve data quality.

GG4L Compass – Measuring the Impact of EdTech

GG4L Compass provides evidence-based analytics to help schools measure the usage, effectiveness and overall impact of EdTech solutions and programs. Want to know how much usage an application is used? Need to correlate usage of specific classroom applications with student achievement? Want to provide comprehensive reporting for a diverse set of stakeholders including IT, educators, district management and regulators? GG4L Compass answers many of these important questions about EdTech in your school or district.

GG4L Catalyst – Funding EdTech Programs

GG4L Catalyst matches funding available from GG4L Sponsors with GG4L Member Schools who wish to deploy EdTech solutions as part of a sponsored GG4L Impact Initiative. Using Catalyst, the GG4L team provides end-to-end program management starting with initial funding and continuing throughout the program life cycle until it is completed and validated through Value of Impact (VoI) evidence-based reports are available to all stakeholders.