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Overcoming ChromeBook Security Challenges during Distance Learning

CASE STUDY – Mobile Guardian

Mobile Guardian is a GG4L EdTech partner who has stepped up during the crisis by offering their premium tools free of charge to all schools subject to enforced, COVID-19 closures.

Discover how their solution helped one school develop a safe and secure online learning environment.


Based in Waukegan, Illinois, Lions Mathematics and Science Christian Academy encourages each of their students to discover their learning potential. Like many around the world, the school was seeking to rapidly find a way to support their students in these new and unprecedented times.


The school needed to implement a distance learning plan that would facilitate secure homeschooling environments on a fleet of newly acquired Chromebooks. These devices would need to go home with students yet continue to abide by their device usage ePolicies/internet policy.


Mobile Guardian is a cloud-based, mobile device management (MDM) platform that supports multiple operating systems, including ChromeOS. It offers schools in-class management tools designed for teachers, as well as comprehensive web-filtering to protect students from harmful and inappropriate, online content whenever they are learning or playing online.


Thanks to Mobile Guardian’s cloud-based web-filtering tool, the school is able to ensure that each school-owned Chromebook upholds their internet policy and that no student is able to access inappropriate websites, regardless of their location and internet connection. With Mobile Guardian’s classroom management tools for ChromeOS, teachers can see exactly what students are working on, in real-time during their lessons from their Mobile Guardian dashboard. They can also directly close any distracting tabs that are open on a student’s screen and are able to message students individually. These tools enable teachers to intervene directly, ensuring that students are on track and engaging with their lesson.

“Mobile Guardian has exceeded our expectations. With this system, we now have geo- tracking and real time web activity monitoring capability that will allow us to keep students on task, to know where students are at all times and to recover all devices at the end of the school term. I especially appreciate the strong and knowledgeable technical support provided by Dave and his team who was instrumental in walking us through the process and is providing step by step solutions to our problems as we are becoming more proficient in managing the Mobile Guardian software ourselves. Thanks again for providing this excellent product and services.  I highly recommend this to any educational institution that is considering using this product.”  – Jacques D. Jackson

Lead Science & Technology Teacher

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