GG4L April 2020 Newsletter

During this time of crisis, at GG4L we’re here to help with school closures by providing schools with free resources and solutions to mitigate the challenge of teaching and learning during these uncertain times. Our goal is to make it possible for schools and districts to have access to the best EdTech tools that can […]

GG4L March 2020 Newsletter

As we transition into spring normally we should be thinking about the 2020-2021 school year but with the recent spread of the Coronavirus, schools and administrators are now planning for the potential nationwide spread of the disease. If we look at some solutions being implemented in China, e-Learning could become part of those plans. During […]

GG4L’s Safer Schools in America Grants Making a Positive Impact in US schools

In just over one year since its launch, the GG4L “Safer Schools in America” grant program has proven successful in supporting school safety initiatives and in improving the use of technology at schools across the country. As the cost of technology continues to rise, the grant program provides much needed assistance to schools in their […]

Announcing GG4L’s Catalyst Program for EdTech Vendors

We are excited to announce the new GG4L Catalyst Program is now available for any EdTech vendor. This Program will allow global EdTech Solution Providers to to leverage GG4L’s Connect Platform for roster data sharing, single sign-on, improved data governance and expedited customer on-boarding, without an upfront annual membership fee through a Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) monthly pricing […]

GG4L On-Demand Grants Can Help Schools Improve Engagement in the Classroom

One of the areas in which schools are challenged is creating an atmosphere where students are more engaged. Engagement is a critical factor in the student’s success, but there are so many outside elements that impact the student that it can be very difficult for teachers to compete for attention. One of our EdTech vendors, […]

GG4L February Newsletter

The headlines are full of Cybercrime stories from outside interference in our elections to ransomware attacks on banks, hospitals and even our schools.  Today, “perimeter defense” is not enough to protect us from these attacks. We need to evolve from a defensive position to a proactive approach to protecting our networks and data. In fact, […]

New EdTech Vendors Complete SSO and OneRoster Integration with GG4L Connect

GG4L is pleased to announce that Read Seed, Academic Window and E4Effort recently completed Single-Sign-On (SSO) integration connectors for School Passport. Additionally, aGoodCause, Anexandra, CompuClaim, E4Effort, LightSail, Read Seed, SpartPass and Textbook Tracker have completed roster data API integration with the GG4L Connect platform.

The Power of Data to Improve School Climate

Having a healthy culture is one of the seven pillars of GG4L’s Safer Schools in America initiative. When it comes to improving school culture, principals and school administrators need to have access to real-time data about how students feel about their school experience.

The Role of EdTech in Physical Health & Wellness

How can technology improve our ability to provide a safe school, viewed through the lens of physical health and wellness?  Our children are the future, and in order to ensure that students are able to learn and engage in the classroom, we need to focus on physical health and wellness.

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