On-Demand Free Trial Grant Application

Welcome to The Global Grid for Learning™ (GG4L™) On-Demand Grant, and thank you for being part of this important work! The On-Demand Grant enables schools and districts around the world to discover new and innovative EdTech solutions listed in the Catalyst Catalog of curated EdTech solutions, and to apply for an in-kind grant that allows them to select any vendor’s solution for a free trial for the use in a single school site for the remainder of the school year.

Each school grantee will be the recipient of an integrated suite of one or more EdTech solutions that address a single school need.  These solutions could be deployed and measured for efficacy where appropriate over a 12-month project period at no cost to the schools, excluding hardware costs if and when required to implement the granted solution.

Our goal is to make it possible for schools and districts to have access to the best EdTech tools that can solve their needs.

What should I expect?

GG4L Member schools worldwide may apply and qualify for the grant which funds a free trial in one school for up to one year of a school chosen pre-integrated school safety EdTech solution.

The application takes less than 10 minutes to complete and the approval takes less than 24 hours. Once you submit your application, you will receive an immediate email confirmation.

Upon approval, you or your district will be asked to acknowledge the grant, become a GG4L Member at no cost, complete the on-boarding process  (including the set-up of School Passport Portal) for the chosen school(s) in order to implement the selected vendor solution and commit to fully implementing the solution you have selected through the grant.

If you have questions please contact us at ondemandgrant@gg4l.com.

This application should be filled in and submitted by a district representative with signatory authority for accepting the grant.

Grant Application

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