Welcome to The Global Grid for Learning™ (GG4L™) online Grant application for the Safer Schools in America Impact Initiative, and thank you for wanting to be part of this important research!

What should I expect?

As you might guess, we receive more requests than we are able to fund. But do not give up, if we have more applicants than we can fund, we will be doing a 2nd round later in 2019 — our goal is to make it possible for schools and districts to have access to the best EdTech that can solve their needs.

Anonymized and disaggregated data will be used to improve vendor solutions and let you see how the product is doing. The application includes questions to help us better understand your school’s goals, objectives and demographics.

This application allows you to indicate your interest in the Initiative and enables GG4L and McREL to build a representative sample of up to 500 schools and determine the size of the grant we need to provide your school, district, or educational service agency to use the product without cost for the life of the Initiative, usually 3 years.

Once you submit your application, you will receive an email confirmation. Your application will go through an initial screening process, and you can expect to hear from us within 15 business days regarding next steps.

If your Application of Intent is advanced for funding, you or your district will be asked to acknowledge the grant, become a Member at no cost, commit to fully implementing the solution(s) you have selected, and commit to allowing the anonymized and disaggregated usage data and/or surveys to be used for determining the impact of the initiative.

If you have questions please contact us at saferschools@gg4l.com.

Grant Application Safer Schools Initiative:

The Safer Schools in America Impact Initiative is aimed at supporting students, educators and parents by addressing the activities and conditions that impact teaching and learning. School safety can be defined as the expansive range of activities needed to foster safer school environments, including emotional, physical and digital safety, emergency preparedness, school facilities, culture, and community engagement.  It includes reducing bullying, violence, physical abuse, vandalism, and substance abuse. School safety also includes examining physical conditions such as school building design, lights, locks, alarms, as well as threats that are the result of technology vulnerabilities. It also requires preparing students and adults for emergency readiness and the management of potentially dangerous situations and addressing the communications of those situations during and after the emergency.

This application should be filled in and submitted by a district representative with signatory authority for the grant:

Grant Applicant:

Note: Only GG4L members can apply for inclusion in the grant and membership is free. If your school district is not a member yet, we will send you an email after submitting this grant application with membership application, GG4L Pledge and instructions.

What are your district demographics?

If you are a charter school or charter school organization

You may choose to nominate up to 3 schools now or wait until after your SSIA Grant application has been approved. Names of schools nominated to participate in the grant (up to 3 schools):

Student body demographics:

Student body demographics:

Student body demographics:

At GG4L we are always interested in determining the best ways to share our research and information about the resources that are available to address common issues in education. Your input will help us refine how we most effectively share information.

Please take a minute to review a few of the most commonly asked questions about our Impact Initiative grantmaking:

Grant Application FAQ

Data-driven, evidence-informed decision making is essential for those charged with making decisions about teaching and learning in our schools. In line with best practices and ESSA requirements, an Impact Initiative is the act of measuring the effect of a EdTech solution on an identified problem in education. It is grounded in a belief that an independent assessment of efficacy allows researchers and practitioners to identify best practices that can lead to successful outcomes - outcomes that should be shared so that teaching and learning can improve. The GG4L Impact Initiative Programs are a joint effort by GG4L and McREL International (McREL). McREL, a 501(c)3, is a Tier 1 educational research institute with substantial resources and experience, with funding from the federal government (including a Regional Educational Laboratory, a Comprehensive Center, and numerous grants), state and local education agencies, and for- and non-profits.
GG4L’s Platform will enable each school to track usage and outcomes data for each solution. The generated data will be aggregated, anonymized and analyzed by McREL and GG4L in order to provide quarterly and annual reports to all stakeholders. This information can then be used to make decisions about the overall product impact and effectiveness and in turn purchasing decisions.
We are always looking to support new and innovative ideas and efforts that help ensure all educators, children, families and communities – regardless of race or income – have opportunities to reach their full potential. GG4L wants to be sure that EdTech can be easily deployed, sustained and validated for the benefit of teaching and learning. While not an exhaustive list, over the next 36 months, we are looking to fund Initiatives such as:
  • College and Career Readiness
  • STEM
  • Early Literacy
  • Special Education
Please note, this online application is only designed for a specific Initiative and is by invitation only. If your organization is seeking inclusion in another GG4L Initiative or would like to recommend an Initiative, you should contact us at initiatechange@gg4l.com to discuss further.
GG4L currently provides grant support in the United States. Please stay tuned as we are working on establishing The Grid internationally and will fund education initiatives globally in the near future.
GG4L funds schools, districts, and education service agencies. To be eligible for grant support, your organization or institution, as well as the purpose of the proposed project, must qualify under regulations of the United States Internal Revenue Service. As a result, we are not able to provide funding directly to individuals.