How Communication APIs Can Enhance Your EdTech Platform

How Communication APIs Can Enhance Your EdTech Platform

Student and parent engagement are key priorities for every school and educator. Edtech vendors are often seeking ways to enhance their products with communication tools. These tools make it easier for teachers to provide customized communications. It makes the solution more effective and thereby more attractive to the schools who consider them for their curriculum.

Beyond the LMS

Most learning management systems (LMS) used in schools provide rudimentary communication options, but to be most effective, educators often need the ability to create more customized messaging when working with students and their families. That’s why GG4L has partnered with Vonage. Vonage offers the most comprehensive communication APIs for edtech platforms.

What Does Vonage Offer EdTech Platforms?

Vonage provides programmable communications APIs that allow edtech platforms to optimize their solution in ways that enhance the education experience with digital communications. From improving student and parent engagement, enabling better collaboration, and removing barriers to better education and communication.

How Does Vonage Improve Your EdTech Solution?

Vonage Communications APIs let you easily add voice, video, SMS, MMS, and popular social chat apps—so you can expand engagement with students and enhance the learning experience in and out of the classroom. Send study tips, lesson reminders, or exercises with rich media features. Vonage communication APIs integrate with your edtech solution to:

  • Build richer interactive video into your web and mobile apps.
  • Lead the conversation with programmable voice.
  • Send and receive SMS in nearly every country.
  • Engage on social apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Viber.
  • Verify user accounts and prevent fraud with two-factor authentication

Enhance Your EdTech Platform

If you are looking for a simple, safe, and secure way to enhance your edtech solution with powerful engagement, Vonage communication APIs are an excellent choice. You can add a variety of customized communication features to your product with a cost-effective, proven solution relied on not just by the education community but the business community as well.

A Word About Interoperability

APIs are the path through which the education industry will achieve better interoperability. As a public benefit corporation, GG4L is committed to providing schools the safest, fastest way to deliver the curriculum students need, and we believe that Vonage communication APIs are part of the solution for the future of education. To learn more about our partnership with Vonage and how your edtech platform can benefit, please visit:

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