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GG4L’s Safer Schools in America Grants Making a Positive Impact in US schools

GG4L’s Safer Schools in America Grants Making a Positive Impact in US schools

In just over one year since its launch, the GG4L “Safer Schools in America” grant program has proven successful in supporting school safety initiatives and in improving the use of technology at schools across the country. As the cost of technology continues to rise, the grant program provides much needed assistance to schools in their efforts to determine if key solutions would help solve their biggest school challenges such as safety.

The Safer Schools in America program is aligned to the US national ESSA-Title IV Part A, Student Support and Academic Enrichment (SSAE) framework for school safety.  Participating schools capture validation data around the expansive range of activities needed to foster safer school environments using solutions like LightSpeed’s Relay Filter. Relay Safety Check leverages advanced AI, real-time alerts and comprehensive reports to help spot the warning signs to curb cyberbullying, school violence, self-harm, suicide, and other harmful behaviors.  Also Relay’s Web filtering helps schools create a safe environment for technology use in the classroom and at home on district supplied devices enabling more effective one-to-one device management.

“The GG4L Grant Program has made it possible to achieve our safety goals for classroom management and web filtering,” said Luke Childs, Director of Technology at Escalon Unified School District. “GG4L was easy to work with and the grant process was simple and easy to enter into.”

The GG4L Catalyst Catalog contains an extensive set of technology solutions that address many safety related issues within school districts, including emotional, physical and digital safety; emergency preparedness; school facilities; culture; and community engagement. “Receiving funding from the GG4L Grant Program enabled us to offset the cost of deploying new technology,” said Dave Termunde, Chief Technology Officer at Arbor Park School District. “The GG4L-supported catalog of applications also helped us make decisions about which solutions to deploy.”

The Global Grid for Learning continues to make EdTech easier to deploy, more effective for teachers and students, and more affordable for districts and vendors through the new On-Demand Grant program. “We found out about the GG4L Grant Program from a vendor and were a bit skeptical given our past experiences with school grants,” said Jim Morrill, Director of Technology at Regional School Unit 25. “We were pleasantly surprised with the simplicity of the application process, being contacted by GG4L right away and receiving quick approval of the grant. We will use grant funding for more projects this coming year.”

Any school or district can become a GG4L member at no cost and apply for the On-Demand Grant. Once you submit your application, you will receive an email confirmation within 24-48 hours. To find out more about how your school or district can take advantage of this grant program please visit https://gg4l.com/grants/  to fill out your grant application today.

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